Incredible Fitness Model Austin Standage Opens up to Today’s Jock
By on March 9, 2014


Today’s Jock attended the University of Central Oklahoma on a wrestling scholarship and studied biology pre-med. Now can you imagine if your doctor came into the examine room looking like this?! That’s Austin Standage.

 The incredible face. Then again, look at those abs. Oh wow those piercing eyes. But then again what do you expect from someone who looks like the All-American guy that happens to have a chiseled body and Standage was even the captain of his high school football team and graduated with honors!
Standage’s Mother worked at Walmart to support her four children. Even though she had an irregular schedule due to working in retail, Stadage says his Mom always made time for her kids. “My best memory was always loading up in the truck and going to get an Icee from the gas station across town,” said Stadage
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JAKE: How were you introduced to word of modeling?
AUSTIN: I did a photo-shoot to help build a portfolio for a friend and people started following me!
JAKE: A modeling assignment that you enjoyed the most so far?
AUSTIN: I have so much fun on all my shoots because the photographers know how to have a good time!
JAKE: A photographer you loved working with thus far?
AUSTIN: Eric Battershell and Luis Rafael are always a blast and highly recommend shooting with both of them
Fitness and Health:
JAKE: How do you keep those abs? Food, exercise?
AUSTIN: My abs stay year round because the meal plan i stick to, I also use herbalife products such as meal replacement shakes, herbal tea and total control to help keep my metabolism running high
JAKE: What would you say your fitness goal would be?
AUSTIN: My goal in fitness is to continue to grow and never stop living a healthy lifestyle
JAKE: Any word of advice for your fans who are trying to get in shape?
AUSTIN: My word of advice to fans and followers, ASK QUESTIONS and FOLLOW WHAT WE SAY! Fitness junkies don’t just talk about chicken and broccoli because we like to talk we live behind it! with discipline and God anything is possible.
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Fun Questions:

JAKE: What would be your favorite spot for vacation?
AUSTIN: I don’t have a favorite vacation spot because I have never really been on one, we never had money growing up and only went to Bronson Missouri, I have been to Miami a few times but still cannot narrow my decision because I have yet to go anywhere else! (So if anyone wants to send me on one NOW IS YOUR CHANCE 😉 )
JAKE: Lastly any other exciting projects your fans keep an eye out for ?
AUSTIN: Be on watch out for the prep going into nationals, I step on stage again NOV. 23rd! and will have a couple of great shoots lined up! I cannot wait!

Neither can we..We would like to say thanks to Austin once again for his time. It was amazing to get to know this jock more. If you would like to check out more pictures of him, check out Luis Rafael Photography Facebook page for some more great shots of him. Leave us your comments below and let us know how did you like this super sexy jock.

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