Exclusive Interview: Tim Hartman, Back By Popular Demand
By on October 1, 2014

Today’s Jock is back by popular demand. When we first introduced our readers to Tim Hartman, well he, and his pics/video, were quite a hit (Video: Hot Jock Tim Hartman for Masculine Magazine). In today’s article, we hope to provide our audience with even more information about the wildly admired model and actor.

 Hartman was born in South Plainfield, NJ on June 20, 1991. He graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.( I was extremely excited to find out he’s went to school in same state as I did). And while we can all marvel at the final photos or video, there is a tremendous amount of hard work that Hartman puts into maintaining that perfectly chiseled body.
We got chance to ask this fine specimen of man a few questions. Once again we thank Caleb for setting up this interview for us as well as Tim Hartman for his time (We know how busy he is with his brand new website www.TimHartman.net). We would also like to thank Mr. Craig Scott for doing an amazing job at co-editing this article for us.

Getting to know Tim 

JAKE: What is your birthday? and where were you born?
TIM: My birthday is June 20th 1991 (22 years old). I was born in South Plainfield, NJ in a hospital that longer exist ironically enough.
JAKE: If you could describe yourself in one word what would it be? and why?
TIM: The one word to described myself would be Hyped. I use this word because when I’m around people, in the gym, doing some reading. Either externally or internally I feel an astonishing amount of energy I am either 100% go or 100% stop. No in between.
JAKE: I found out you graduated from same college as I did, UNC-Chapel Hill, how is it being a Tar-Heel ?
TIM: Unfortunately I did not attend Chapel Hill I went to Campbell University for a semester and then finished at UNCC (University of North Carolina at Charlotte). However my experience was fantastic and would not trade it for anything. Surprisingly I was able to finish in 4 years which was rare among my peers.
JAKE: As a teenager were you more interested in sports or were you a book worm?
TIM: As a teen I was definitely involved in sports whether it was soccer, basketball, or football. I just loved being active didnt have the attention span to sit down I wanted to be outside or have a ball in my hand. Even to this day I feel the same way now so it’s more weights. I understand the importance of reading and the learning to train the mind as the body is just the physical message the mind sends.


JAKE: How did you get scouted?
TIM: Funny story I was actually discovered through Facebook a new photographer (Luis Rafael) was interested in my physique and said he would like to do a test shoot. It felt like a great compliment but thought nothing of it. About a month or two later the day of, Luis hits me and said he would like to shoot that afternoon. I had a hard morning workout and the rest is in the making.
JAKE: What is the most fun and rewarding part of modeling and acting for you?
TIM: What I love most about modeling or acting is that the hard work, missed gatherings, hard sacrifices that no one sees, and then is admired in a picture or video. People get to see the final product of what most can’t and would never do themselves.
JAKE: How do you do to prepare for your modeling shoots?
TIM: For most of the shoots I do not change too much of what I do year round. I try to stay lean year round because you never know when opportunity will strike. If I were to get ready I will cut a little more carbs and water out of my body prior to the shoot as to give a more dry look. In the gym. I will keep my rest intervals very short 30 sec to a 45 sec. Keep your heart rate high while activating the muscle has worked best for me


JAKE: How did you start bodybuilding and training?
TIM: I got seriously started into bodybuilding and training after I had some issues with the law. Long story short I focused my habits and social life into my diet and training. Also because it was illegal to partake in the activities at the time the excuse to not party was easily understood by my friends.
JAKE: Do you have any mentors or other people you admire when it comes to fitness?
TIM: By far my mentor as far as fitness is Greg Plitt. Aside from his body he is the most motivating as it seems like he lives life to the fullest. I also like that he is all natural and never would jeopardize his insides to have the best external figure. I also admire Marc Fitt as he is my age killing it. He is all natural as well. Along with these guys philosophy I am in it for the longevity not the temporary medals or satisfaction
JAKE: What would be your tip for a newbie who is just starting out working-out and eating healthy?
TIM: Don’t go crash diet insane workouts right away after being sedentary for days, weeks, years even. You have to gradually ease into it as the body has to adapt to these changes since it does not like them and will continue to come back stronger. My best advice is to do an activity that gets you off the couch i.e. basketball, yoga, weights, walking. The first step is the hardest. Find what resonates with you.
JAKE: Lastly what is in future for Tim Hartman? any projects we should keep an eye out for?
TIM: Although I do not like to talk about things that have not happened yet I will hint at Timhartman.net which is my newest adventure breaking down workouts, nutrition, photo shoots, personal life, etc. Although fitness is not my life it is a huge part and success to my life. I see this as a wonderful avenue in order for me to reach my passion which is Chiropractic.

We would like to thank Caleb Galaraga again for providing us with these great pictures of Tim by great photographer Michael A Downs and Luis Rafael. We wish Tim Hartman much success in the future and look forward to watching his future projects. Let us know what you guys thought of this Jock of the day by leaving your comments below.


  1. MuscleModelBlog.com

    July 27, 2013 at 5:09 pm

    Great interview! Like Tim said, you never know when / how opportunity will knock…

    • Jake Scott

      July 28, 2013 at 2:27 am

      Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  2. matt

    July 31, 2013 at 6:17 am

    Do more interviews on here. It’s nice to read about someone who’s pictures you have stared at for so long! 🙂

    • jakescott

      August 11, 2013 at 9:57 pm

      Thanks Matt, I am in process of featuring alot more interviews.

  3. Sean Addams

    October 3, 2014 at 6:21 pm

    Love to see a guy who has a nice body and has a great mind too.

  4. Brad Steffensen

    October 8, 2014 at 12:49 am

    Wow if you really read what this guy is saying … he just oozes ego. Guys that look like you are a dime a dozen now. What happened to all tge unique men??

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