Fashionable Wallets For Men
By on March 31, 2015


Fashionable Wallets for Men

One trend seen in fashionable men’s wallets is downsizing; wallets are simply a lot smaller than they used to be. Some of this is simple vanity, for a bulging wallet in the back pocket doesn’t do the owner’s look any favors, especially if they’re wearing tight jeans. The other reason for the shrinking man’s wallet is that most men don’t need a big wallet anymore. In the old days, men kept dollar bills, coins, credit cards, ID, business cards and pictures of relatives or significant others in their wallets. These days, men keep family pictures and business contact information on their iPads or cell phones.

Minimalist Wallets

Modern wallets are minimalist compared to their forebears. The most extreme example of this trend would be the money clip. They are often made of metal and are designed to hold bills, credit cards and ID. They can be plain — or not. The Steinhausen Money Grip for example, is gold-plated, while the M-Clip Stingray Money Clip has an inlay made of genuine stingray skin. See these 15 examples.

Money-clip Wallets

The money clip wallet is a hybrid that’s around the same size and shape as a clamshell cell phone. It has a money clip plus several slots for cards. Dosh makes a water-resistant model and the Geneva Money Clamp has a detachable wallet.

Bi-fold Wallets

Bi-folds are wallets that fold in half. They carry bills and cards, and some come with a money pouch for holding coins. They are usually made of cow leather, but some of the higher-end models are made of snakeskin or alligator hide.


The tri-fold wallet has, yes you got it, three sides and folds like a tri-fold brochure. The wallet mainly consists out of a large pocket to hold paper money. Tri-folds tend to be bulkier than their bi-fold counterparts and they usually have less slots for credit cards or other plastics. Just as the bi-fold, they come with and without coin compartments and most have a clear window inside

Travel Wallets

Travel wallets are used to carry documentation like passports, boarding passes, travelers cheques and similar items. Many are billfolds, and many come with security measures to deter thieves. These measures can include a tough and durable strap that goes around the owners’ wrist.

In todays world where virtually everything can be done in a digital manner, wallets are no longer a real necessity. However, they can be handy for your plastics, like your credit cards or driver’s license. If you’re looking for a wallet in 2015, go with the trend of minimalist wallets and choose a model that suits your style.



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