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Latest Trends in Men’s Shoes by iL Mancino Shoe Store

iL Mancino Shoe Store has went around the world to find manufacturers that offer great quality footwear. Your feet are important to us, and you can always tell alot about a person by the type of shoes they have on…So we have found the perfect shoes for your feet…Your Style…Your Shoes..iLMancino Shoe Store. Treat yourself […]

Interview: Gorgeous Austrian Model, Tobias Leitner

(Source: Tobias Leitner Facebook, photo by Jorge Freire) This stunning 21-year-old Austrian model caught our attention after recent shoot in Miami with amazing photographer Jorge Freire. This absolutely sexy jock keeps in shape by playing almost every sport there is. We were pleasantly surprised when Tobias was asked for an interview, he didn’t take long […]

Interview: Amazing Photographer Michael Andrew

Michael Andrew, a talented photographer from Columbus, Ohio, has been shooting for over 6 years. He started with shooting architecture, landscape & nature but changed his attention toward shooting the Male Physique and we couldn’t be any happier that he did. His photos show the strength and ruggedness of male form in a tantalizing way that only […]

Interview: Exotic Fitness Model Assad Photographed by FuriousFotog

Photo source: FuriousFotog When it comes to fitness models, we see a new face every season, but sometimes there’s one that really stands out from the crowd. The exotic, charming Assad Shalhoub got his start not too long ago, and in that short time has already racked up photo shoots with some of the brilliant […]

Nick Poulin Model/NPC Bodybuilder Talks to Today’s Jock

Nick Poulin, a 19-year-old male fitness model and bodybuilder, caught the attention of Today’s Jock after his recent photo shoot with one of our favorite photographers, Michael Anthony Downs. During his short career, Nick has defiantly gained many fans.  Recently, we got a chance to have a short conversation with this widely admired and down to earth jock. […]

Vito Scara, The Definition of Aesthetic

Born August 30th, 1995 in Port Saint Lucie Florida, Vito Scara is a teen fitness model and bodybuilder. Since his recent photoshoot with the brilliant photographer Michael Anthony Downs, this sculpted jock has gained many fans and followers.  Scara, a top wrestler in his high school, was once given nick name “stick boy” by his peers and […]

Interview: Chiseled Fitness Model: Blake Mouyassar

When Blake Mouyassar‘s pictures surfaced the internet, a lot of us took notice. His perfect body and obvious dedication to the weight rooms made him wildly admired by many. Blake was born in St. Louis Missouri on January 15, 1995. He graduated high school not too long ago.  As a high school student Mouyassar was […]