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Sexy Soccer Jock Cristiano Ronaldo in Miami

Cristiano R. With His Pal The sculpted soccer jock Cristiano Ronaldo shows off his perfect butt and abs this past weekend on a yacht in Miami. The 28 year-old jock spent the afternoon on the yacht soaking sun with his pals.

Sandor Earl: Hot Australian Model/Ruby Player

Photographer Pedro Virgil We don’t know what it is about Austrian ruby players, that makes us scream for more. Perhaps it’s that perfect bulging muscles or it’s that extremely charming faces. Either way we LOVE Australian rugby players. That is the reason for today’s sports jock we picked Sandor Earl, born 21 September, 1989. Sandor, […]

Sexy Aussie Ruby Player: David Williams

When we decided to add “Sports Jock” section to our blog, there were many hot jocks to pick from, but we couldn’t resist picking a muscular Aussie ruby player. Born August 4th, 1986 in Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia is ruby player as well as a model. This sexy jock is famous for posing for the Gods […]

Sexy BMX Rider: Will Grant

Photo for Undergear Today’s sexy jock is not only a beautiful model but a profess BMX rider as well. Born in 1993, in Seattle, Washington, USA, Will has achieved alot in just few years. He started training for BMX racing when he was 12 years old. He won many awards including 7 time Florida State […]